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It is the most popular option. It is designed for adults to help them improve in all areas of the English language: grammar, vocabulary, speaking, listening, pronunciation, reading and writing. It is presented in standard course of 10 sessions a month or our intensive course of 8 sessions where you can focus on speaking and writing

English for Career

English for Career programs are designed for those who need to focus on developing English skills in a particular professional field to enable them to master relevant communication and professional skills and, in so doing, meet the needs of industry locally and internationally.


Human Resources Course In English

For busy people who want to master business English for HR within the shortest period of time, this intensive course is the answer. It comes with real-life material and interactive practice and is designed to be completed within a short period of 30 hours.


Business English for Engineers

You may be a genius when it comes to coding, but a nervous wreck before every meeting. Or maybe you have tons of technical words memorized, but cannot explain them in everyday terms.


Technical English

This program is designed for adult in the technical and industrial sectors who need English for everyday communication at work.


It  provides you with the functional language you need for real-life and hands-on tasks like describing a problem, giving instructions, explaining functionality, or offering help.  From maintenance to planning, and from manufacturing to technical support, logistics, or  quality, the focus of the course is always on getting the job done.

Business English for Accountants

If you are accountant or studying accounting  this course will help you improve your understanding of accounting terminology to allow you to work more successfully in English.


This course was designed to be completed within a short period of (30 hours) to help you develop the necessary skills  for your career, learn to communicate confidently, effectively, accurately and fluently in both written and spoken English for many situations and gain confidence in using English in real-life situations such as emails and meetings.


English for accounting addresses a different area of accounting, such as financial statements, tax systems, and auditing. Dialogues, exercises, and authentic texts present the vocabulary, and give students an opportunity to practice language in real context.

English Conversation Club

English Conversation Club™ is a great opportunity to chat with other English language learners in a relaxed and comfortable environment. You will pick up new vocabulary through our practical and innovative methods, improve your English fluency through enjoyable activities and games and sharpen your pronunciation skills in an interactive way.

Culture and Language Club

English, German, Italian & FrenchIn this age of globalization, knowledge of foreign languages is essential for the cultural and social development of man, the broadening of his way of thinking and his familiarization with different nations, environments and cultures.

Kids Conversation Club

Using famous Disney characters, the club syllabus is accredited from Longman and Disney Enterprises Inc. which passionately conveys the main knowledge of the language, boosts confidence and motivates English in specific and education in general with amusing, interactive and  entertaining method away from the these classic and dull school systems.

Teen conversation club

It is a completely new and original program designed to keep teens engaged with practicing English language in real world and away from school subjects and system to master the most essential skills – speaking and listening comprehension – in a fast and attractive way.

Each course includes an on-going drama that threads through the lessons. They learn through songs and stories which are engaging, entertaining and focus on topics of relevancy to today’s teenagers

Soft skills and management

It is a customized professional training service for corporates and individuals aims at developing the skills of its audience in different areas of interest. These programs are presented in workshops (5 hours):

Personal Branding

Personal branding is a very broad topic starting from finding one’s passion to improving one’s organizational behavior within his/her job position. Through this process, one goes through establishing an online brand, building a professional resume, searching for suitable vacancies and impressing the interviewers to get a job. In this workshop, we are focusing on the online brand. So the outline of this workshop is:

  1. What is a brand?
  2. What is Personal Branding? & why is it important?
  3. Personal Branding Canvas
  4. Personal Branding on social media